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Service offered via worldwide customer service


Customer service

for your H.F. welder in the event of breakdown or lack of process reliability.

The customer service employee may be contacted via mobile  phone at all times. He may be in your vicinity, in which case the travel costs will only be billed proportionately.



of the unit on your premises. Recreation or expansion of safety and production capability.


Maintenance service

to retain the full function of your unit and prevent a possible breakdown from occuring at peak times. The maintenance service operates at fixed prices.



of your product line to any region of the world. Exeption: war zones.



in the purchasing of new or used units. If you are unsure, then simply ask the specialist. He is independent and will not favour any manufacturer. Good advice is cheaper than making the wrong purchase.



and sale of your used units. If you wish to dispose of your used production equipment, just give us a call. Our circle of customers often contains someone looking for the very thing that you wish to sell.



ans instruction courses, both theoretical and practical often help to increase process safety and significantly increase productivity. The course are always tailored specifically to your prducts and requirements. No advertising for specific manufacturers of machines and accessories.



in the set-up and expansion of new product lines, both domestic and foreign.


Spare parts

also for old machines. If it isnīt in stock, we procure it rapidly. Delivery at all times of day, also overnight. To every country on earth. Exeption: war zones. Exchange-Equipment-Service.



of defective switching electronics and control units.


Emergency number

for our customers:            +49-171-8304029   (24 houres)




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